About the Journal

The International Journal of Rural Criminology (IJRC) is a peer-reviewed multi- and cross-disciplinary journal dedicated to publishing both theoretical and empirical work on rural crime and criminal justice issue throughout the world. It is a continuation of the journal of the same name, whose first five volumes were published in The Ohio State University Knowledge Bank (https://kb.osu.edu/handle/1811/51122). The journal now serves as the official organ of the International Society for the Study of Rural Crime; the American Society of Criminology’s Division of Rural Criminology; and the European Rural Criminology Working Group of the European Society of Criminology.

Special Issues

In addition to ongoing regular issues, the IJRC will publish a special themed issue each year.

We are open to any imaginative proposals, which could be (but not limited to):

  • theoretical, empirical or a combination of both
  • qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods or a combination of all
  • themed around geographic locations – broadly (e.g. Asia; the South Pacific) or specifically (e.g. boom towns; tourist locations)
  • focussed on particular demographics (e.g. hobby farmers, tourists); on victims (e.g. people with disabilities), on offenders (e.g. farmers as offenders), on criminal justice institutions and processes (e.g. access to justice), on certain crime types (e.g. burglary; elder abuse; alcohol and other drugs); on rural criminology itself (e.g. teaching at University level; research methods) and so on

Proposals should seek to incorporate a variety of ‘voices’ and perspectives, such as by including practitioners, early career researchers and higher degree students.

Special issue editors will be provided with substantial support – and mentoring as required – as they bring their issue together through the various stages from conception, to peer-review, copy editing and production.

Proposals should contain the following:

  • An abstract for the special issue of 500 words which articulates the theme
  • A brief biography and CV for special issue editors
  • An indication of the anticipated number of articles, research notes and note from the field which might be contained in the special issue
  • An anticipated/preferred timeline – e.g. when, ideally, you might release the call for papers, collect abstracts/manuscripts, and a suggested month and year for publication (turnaround from agreement on a special issue to its publication will be in the order of 12-18 months)

Special issues are normally edited by one or two editors for a special issue: please consult with the IJRC editors about additional special issue editors.

This information should be emailed to Joe Donnermeyer: donnermeyer.1@gmail.com